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People who say bi erasure doesn’t happen need to realize Freddie Mercury is known as the most famous homosexual man when he identified himself as bisexual. If that’s not bi erasure I don’t even know.

Also PoC erasure, most people don’t know he was 100% Indian

Specifically he was Parsi.
Also raised Zeroastrian.


Jun 14




Ah, Bisexuality Day, when Freddie Mercury visits all the bisexuals who’ve been good the past year and gives them presents

Ha ha, I can’t believe you still think Freddie Mercury is real. Everybody knows it’s really your parents. 


Jun 14

Classic Rock: Would You Rather... (feel free to add)

  • 1: Touch Roger Daltrey or Robert Plant's hair?
  • 2: Dancing in the street with Mick Jagger or David Bowie?
  • 3: Egg houses with the Doors or go on a panty raid with Pink Floyd?
  • 4: Vacuum with Freddie Mercury in drag or have a photo shoot with Keith Moon in drag?
  • 5: Spend a night in jail with Keith Richards or Jim Morrison?
  • 6: Kiss Ringo Starr's nose or Pete Townshend's nose?
  • 7: Trip acid with Jimi Hendrix or Syd Barrett?
  • 8: Spend your afternoon trying to make Bob Dylan or Morrissey smile?
  • 9: Have a sleepover with Lou Reed and Iggy Pop or David Bowie and Marc Bolan?
  • 10: Be sung to sleep by the Mamas & the Papas or the Beach Boys?
  • 11: Crash a Sweet 16 with Nirvana or have an anti-prom with Radiohead?
  • 12: Feel Frank Zappa's mustache or David Gilmour's hair?
  • 13: Have a water balloon fight with the Who or a snowball fight with the Beatles?
  • 14: What the sunrise with Art Garfunkel or watch the sunset with Paul Simon?
  • 15: Babysit for John Lennon or David Gilmour?
  • 16: Tear down a wall with Roger Waters or feed starving people with Bono?
  • 17: Go to Europe, North America or South America to see a tour?
  • 18: Be stalked by the Goblin King or get into a space ship with Ziggy Stardust?
  • 19: Tickle John Deacon or Rick Wright?
  • 20: Dance with Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?
  • 21: Have Dave Grohl tell you a bedtime story or have Jimmy Page play you a lullaby on his guitar?
  • 22: Go stargazing with Queen for the night or get trapped in a basement with David Bowie for two days?
  • 23: Make George Harrison lunch or have breakfast with Pink Floyd?
  • 24: Air-drum solo to a song by Phil Collins or air-bass solo to a song by the Who?
  • 25: Have a movie night with Brian May and Roger Taylor or go the pet store to play with kittens with Freddie Mercury?
  • 26: Put mascara on Paul McCartney's eyelashes or blush on Roger Waters' cheeks?
  • 27: Have Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant sing to you privately?
  • 28: Make to Roger Daltrey or Jimmy Page laugh?
  • 29: Go rollerskating with Alice Cooper or skateboarding with Black Sabbath?
  • 30: Go to the Record Store with Jack White or walk down the street with John Paul Jones?
  • 31: Watch Syd Barrett paint or George Harrison garden?
  • 32: Wear Pete Townshend's union jacket or bolier suit?
  • 33: Wear Ray Manzarek's glasses or John Entwistle's skeleton suit?
  • 34: Paint Brian May's nails or fix Thom Yorke's hair?
  • 36: Take selfies with Kurt Cobain or instagram with Keith Moon blowing up toilets?
  • 37: Have 5 minutes backstage to talk to Janis Joplin or do Annie Lennox's make up?
  • 38: Take a bubble bath with Paul McCartney or wash Roger Daltrey's hair?
  • 39: Receive a wink from Paul McCartney or make silly faces with John Lennon?
  • 40: Fix a car with Roger Taylor or Nick Mason?
  • 41: Go shopping with Mick Jagger or Roger Waters?
  • 42: Cuddle with Ronnie Wood or have tea with Joe Strummer?
  • 43: Draw on Ringo's face while he's asleep or kiss him good night?
  • 44: Set a guitar on fire with Jimi Hendrix or smash a guitar with Pete Townshend?
  • 45: Try on Freddie Mercury or David Bowie's outfits?
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when your parents tell you there’s a family dinner and it’s “formal”


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All the different celebrities in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Music Edition” x

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oscar worthy